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Car Disposal & Recycling Auckland

Yes! we tow Broken cars

Yes! we recycle broken & scrap cars


We are the best broken car towing company in NZ!

Get in touch with us and we’ll give you a quote to say how much we’ll pay for you old car.

It doesn’t matter if the engine is blown or if it;s been in an accident.

Every vehicle is worth cash for scrap metal.

Get in touch with us now – we don’t charge for removal either!

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Scrap Car Recycling – Cash Paid for Scrap Metal

We recycle and dismantle scrap cars in Auckland.

Once a car is broken down into any useful parts, the car body is then sent to scrap metal for recycling.

This process, ensures that useful recyclable materials are not sent to landfills.

Our process is simple, if you contact us, we’ll give you an idea of how much cash we’ll pay you for your vehicle.

If you agree with the offered price, our tow truck will come to the vehicle, and take it away free of charge, and of course:

Pay you cash for your scrap car on the spot!

To get in touch with us about having a scrap car recycled, use the form below:

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